Why ProAction Planner™

Take back control and become more proactive.

My passion is helping smart, driven leaders and professionals to clarify their priorities in work and life, define their goals, and implement systems to gain control over their time and choices. I created the ProAction Planner™ to support this work and to provide a tool for people like you that are looking for a simple, comprehensive system to reduce overwhelm, take back control, and reach your goals.

Some Background

I’ve used many paper planners over time, some of which I really liked and would recommend to clients. But I found that none of them incorporated all of the important areas of goal setting, planning, and tracking that I used with my clients. To fill in the missing pieces, I created worksheets and templates to supplement the planners and continued to search for a planner that would cover it all. I couldn’t find it.

So I decided to create one.

The ProAction Planner™ follows the same steps I use with my productivity coaching clients; processes and exercises I have created and improved over the years through experience and feedback. I am so excited to finally have a simple all-in-one tool for myself, my clients, and you!

Lori Vande Krol
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Client Testimonial

Heather owns and runs three businesses: a boutique accounting and consulting firm, a horse farm that is home to about 25 horses, and a non-profit organization centered around the retired thoroughbred racehorse. In addition to those three businesses, Heather makes time for her husband, her dog, Bo, and her passion for competing with and caring for her own horses. Life is very busy for Heather and staying organized and grounded has been challenging.

“In the past, I often felt like a failure at the end of the week because I did not meet ALL the objectives that I set for myself. The ProAction Planner, along with my weekly coaching sessions with Lori, has helped me prioritize the tasks in all areas of my life and be more realistic about what I can accomplish in a week. Working with this planner each day, I am able to stay focused, and now I more often finish the day and the week feeling productive and successful. As I am growing in new areas of my life and trying to create more positive and healthy habits, the habit tracker keeps me engaged and helps develop the consistency needed. What I love most about this planner, after having tried so many options, is that is incorporates it all. So often we set goals for the year but do not have a process to break down how we are going to get there or monitor our progress so we actually achieve what we set out to do. This planner covers all that and so much more. The ProAction Planner, and Lori’s coaching, have been a life saver to me. I truly believe that I would not have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time without her methodology of goal setting, planning, and monitoring.”

Heather Kourklas, President, Golden Gait, LLC

Created for You

I created the ProAction Planner™ for driven individuals who have more to do than time allows…for those who want to live their best life at work and at home…for those who have great passions and a wish to make life better for themselves and others. But if not supported with good time management habits, these dreams and goals often go unfinished. Instead, we spend our valuable time reacting to the day’s “fire” or working on other tasks that don’t support our goals. We are overwhelmed, resentful, tired, and frankly ready to give up.

If this sounds like you, then the ProAction Planner™ can help.

By using the ProAction Planner™ and its supplemental exercises, you will learn valuable skills and habits to:

  • Gain control over your time,
  • transition from reactive to proactive in your day-to-day life,
  • reach your short-term and long-term goals,
  • live out your passions,
  • and above all find the happiness and success you deserve.

Please get in touch any time with questions or suggestions to make the ProAction Planner™ even better!

Lori Vande Krol
Your Partner in Productivity
Owner of Life Made Simple LLC and Creator of the ProAction Planner™

Why a Paper Planner?

Studies show we have stronger brain activity when writing versus when typing on a tablet or smartphone. With a paper planner, your ability to process goals and tasks increases and you will be more intentional about how you spend your time.