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Bring the ProAction Process™ to your business or team.

Bring the value of the ProAction Process™ to your business, team, or association. Give your employees time to step back from the day-to-day, reassess what is important, set long-term and annual goals, and learn how to better manage their projects, tasks, and time. Lori Vande Krol, Productivity Expert and Creator of the ProAction Planner™ has helped thousands of workshop attendees, in-person and online, to attack overwhelm, find focus, and be more productive in work and life so they have more time and energy for what matters most.

Workshops Include:

  • Instruction and working time to learn and develop the 5 steps of the ProAction Process including:
    1. Create Your Personal Mission & Vision Statment.
    2. Define Your Long-Term Goals.
    3. Set Your Annual Goals.
    4. Learn the importance of reflection and monthly goalsetting.
    5. The ins and outs of planning & scheduling.
  • Time management tips, tools, and tricks for higher productivity and less stress.
  • Plenty of interaction and sharing.
  • A 20-page workbook filled with valuable exercises, templates, and worksheets.
  • The option to provide a ProAction Planner for each attendee at a reduced price.
Lori Vande Krol Presenting

Workshops can be customized to fit your needs, your timeframe, and your goals. Reach out today to discuss a life-changing workshop for your team!